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Below are the sizes and rates we offer:
3x5 ft. $45 TO $55/MONTH
5x5 ft. $55 TO $75/MONTH
5x10 ft. $75 TO $95/MONTH
5x15 ft. $95 TO $105/MONTH
6x8 ft. $65 TO $85/MONTH
6x12 ft. $75 TO $95/MONTH
6x15 ft. $85 TO $105/MONTH
7x12 ft. $90 TO $105/MONTH
8x12 ft. $95 TO $105/MONTH
10x10 ft. $125 TO $155/MONTH
12x12 ft. $145 TO $175/MONTH
10x15 ft. $155 TO $185/MONTH
13x15 ft. $165 TO $195/MONTH
10x20 ft. $185 TO $225/MONTH
10x24 ft. $255 TO $285/MONTH
10x30 ft. $275 TO $325/MONTH
13x36 ft. $325 TO $355/MONTH
15x50 ft. $625 TO $675/MONTH
20x30 ft. $475 TO $525/MONTH

Parking Spaces:
Parking Spaces are available for rent to store RVs, Boats, Trailers, etc

10x30 ft. Open Storage $75/month
10x30 ft. Pole Barn Covered Storage $180/month

*All prices are subject to change without notice so please contact our friendly staff
at 824-6464 for a hassle free quote today!

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